Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best description of what CPSIA will do to the nation

Yep, it's been a while since this topic has come up and although I'm not blogging as much about CPSIA, I am still voicing my opinion to folks about getting this dangerous law repealed, revoked, or totally revamped.

I found The Bookroom blog through a posting on Vivian's blog (scroll to the paragraph that starts: However, most libraries aren't complying...) with this posting and thought it was exactly what I've been looking to describe what CPSIA is really doing to the consumers in general. If you thought we were over racism, prejudice, and other horrors, read the description of what CPSIA is (as through the eyes of one person, but really is reflective of how every American voting citizen should feel about it) and how it will totally destroy the nation's well-being.

I cannot say what CPSIA is doing to us better than this and I feel as I did two months ago, that every American citizen of voting age needs to continue to contact their representatives and let them know that even if they don't have children this law will effect that eventually it will effect them in the long run by causing higher costs for every day products that they as adults need or will buy in the future. They also need to remind their representatives that they (the reps) work for the public, voting constituents and must do as the public wants since we are the ones who put them in office and we can very easily have them removed.

Don't let our libraries become shells of buildings where kids are no longer welcome to enjoy the freedom of speech (writing books is speaking in a way) found in books. Don't let our economy suffer any more. Speak up and let your voices be heard. Keep calling and writing your representatives and tell them - No more CPSIA; repeal stupid laws and start thinking rationally or listen to voices of reason. Everyone, old or young, with children in the home or not, needs to be heard and speak up.

(as a side note, I've heard from some overseas friends that CPSIA is also affecting the publishing industry in England and Canada and as far as Australia, so this is no longer a national issue; it is international but it is all because of our stupid governing officials that this law has been put into place and we are the nation that needs to get it repealed.) If you think George Orwell's 1984 was an extreme of "Big Brother", think again; CPSIA of 2008 is the ultimate, furtherest reaching "Big Brother" we have out there.

Follow other issues with CPSIA but going to Publisher's Weekly, the ALA and other large businesses who feel this is a very stupid, alarmist way for the nation to act. Hope you all continue to do your part and see you in the postings - E :)


Vivian Zabel said...

The CPSIA is gaining more and more notoriety as other businesses besides those dealing with books are affected. The media is now covering the effect on bike and ATV sales -- zero allowed and no parts can be sold either.

What's sad is each item's promoters are seeking waivers for their own products. A complete deletion of the law is needed. Then, maybe, saner heads can craft a law that will or can protect children.

elysabeth said...

This is true. The law needs to be revoked, repealed and deleted but as far as clearer, more saner heads crafting a better law, I'm not sure that will happen until folks like Waxman, et al are ousted from their seats and they don't have any say in the new law that would be crafted. That is my feeling; as long as Waxman is trying to be God Almighty, we won't get anywhere. I hope someone puts him in his place finally.

I don't know if we will ever recover from all these disasters piled on top of each other. Anyway, moving on to work - trying to get ready for a book signing - see you in the postings - E :)