Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas - Christ is born

I have somehow lost the holiday spirit and I guess that's because of so much that has been going in with me mentally and physically this year that I have had no desire to participate in the holiday festivities. I have attended several parties with the writing group I belong to as well as our Sisters in Crime party earlier this month but alas, Christmas wasn't even celebrated much in our house this year. I didn't put any decorations up, didn't even put a tree up. I don't mean to be cynical or anything like that but it really has been a rough year and it doesn't feel like Christmas really - the weather here has been low 30s and some nights down into the 20s and then highs in the 40s and 50s one week and the next week we would have highs in the high 70s and then calm, cooler evenings but not cold enough to warrant the winter wear. And I guess I've never been officially diagnosed with SADD but it is definitely a mental illness that affects a lot of people and is very prominent around this time of year (wintertime is my least favorite time of year, although I do like fall because I have less allergy symptoms).

So I worked today which is nothing out of the ordinary. As a medical transcriptionist, unless you work for an office or a state facility, you don't get holidays. Hospitals don't close. So there should be work every day of the year, 24/7. That hasn't been the case since before Thanksgiving and the lack of funds and not being able to get out of the hole hasn't helped my mood nor has it helped me in feeling like it is Christmastime. But things are looking up. Anyway, the bear gave everyone a little bit of money to buy what they want for Christmas presents and that way no one is dissatisfied with the gifts they receive. Of course the kids want to go out right away and spend it so they can not be bored but nothing is opened the day of Christmas and we have to wait until the day after, when the stores will be crowded with everyone and their brother exchanging things, returning things, et cetera and the super big sales going on. So tomorrow I will battle the crowds with the kids and do a little shopping - will probably spend some of my money on groceries.

I knew before I could head to town and do any shopping I needed to get gas, so I decided to go get gas tonight. Took daughter with me and we were having a good time in the car just the two of us talking and cutting up like girlfriends. The only place in our town that was opened was Spinx and Hardees (which was kind of weird but heay - I'm glad they were). I wanted hot chocolate and had my freebie coupon (still have one left - if you purchase a Spinx travel mug for $2 you get four coupons inside for four free refills) and daughter was going to get hot chocolate but when she saw that Hardees was opened (it's catty corner across the street from Spinx - this is a very small town) she decided she wanted a shake from them and not hot chocolate. Spinx was crowded so we got some snack stuff, some sodas for later for bear (that's what I call my husband because he is like a bear hibernating all the time and growls just like one) and my hot chocolate and water - and gas. So I get up to the register with my coupon, my drinks and snack stuff and tell the lady I'm going to put $20 in gas as well and gave her my coupon for the hot chocolate and the cup was opened and brought from home and she asked me if it was a new cup - like I know not to open the cup until I've paid for it and then get the four coupons for later use - so I don't know why she thought it was a new cup. Anyway - we left the gas station and went over to Hardees which was kind of crowded too.

We had placed our order and then daughter looks at me and we were talking about things that had happened upstairs today. She asked me if I had sneezed earlier today while eating lunch or after eating lunch - and I had - had a sneezing attack about that time. She said she was lying on the floor near the TV and her dad's stomach had been rumbling and making weird noises and then I sneezed and she turned to him and told him his stomach just sounded like "ah" "chee" and he laughed and told her that I had just sneezed.

So we had a good laugh about that - my floors are pretty thin because when bear is on his cell phone he sounds like the adults on Charlie Brown or a bee buzzing, depending on how much he's talking, and he sounds like he is right over my head but he isn't really. He is a good 5 feet behind me - just a weird house we have.

I did have to deal with my son being bored today and we hadn't gotten up good when his friend called wanting him to come over today - so guess where my son headed before lunch was finished - to his friend's house.

Other than that whiney time from him, it's been a pretty quiet day. I hope to do a "year in review" kind of posting next week so everyone can see what's been going around here. Hope you all had a joyous day and got everything you wished for Christmas and hope you all got to spend the day with friends and family the way it should have been spent - see you all in the postings - E :)

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Rain-drop said...

Hey, E!

Well, at first when I started reading this I was sad, 'cause it sounded like you were having a crum Xmas day. Not that all are required to have a good Christmas, I mean hey, my family's not into it either. So I can understand. But still, no one like's having a crum day.

I'm glad yours got better, though! Sounds like you had some good mother-daughter time, and I'm glad your son wasn't bored for too long, haha.

"The Bear" as a nickname still makes me chuckle. You DO have a weird sounding house, with those thin floors! Reminds me of the thin walls at my college dorms; you can hear everything from the neighbors. @_@

You're going out to the shops tomorrow, too? Me and my mom, also. I need to switch a book series for a friend's present, and hopefully spend some giftcards while the after-holidays savings are still up and running.

I look forward to your "the year" update thingy. Sorry I've been so bad on commenting on your blog lately. >_>


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