Thursday, May 31, 2007

On the front page of Fictionwise

When I opened Fictionwise's home page today (like just 5 seconds ago), Butterfly Halves is right there on top of the other listings of newly published stories. Thank you fictionwise for putting me there so that I will be seen.

so check out and see my story right on the front page (this may change tonight or tomorrow - so hurry before they decide to put something else in the #1 place - lol-)

It's pretty cool to be the first thing people see on the website - E :)


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elysabeth said...

Not sure why you are leaving comments on a posting that is 2 years old, but okay. And if you are trying to solicit my business, I checked your prices and you are a bit over twice what I paid for bookmarks from Sorry, I have to go the cheapest route possible.