Friday, May 25, 2007

I made a new friend yesterday

How cool is that? Well I went to Curves to do my thing; got there and there was one other person there - so we were like one machine difference in our points - and we were chatting as we moved around the circuit (we have 8 machines in our facility - some have all 14 machines and some have anywhere between the 8 and 14 - 8 around with rest stops (30 seconds on each and every station including the rest stops between the machines) - our circuit is once around for the full benefit of the workout - we have to go around the circuit three times. So anyway, I think we were both winding down our third time and we were chatting and I leaned over and said - My name's Elysabeth and she goes, I'm Elizabeth too. So after we left curves we had planned to meet this morning about 10 or so - me bringing Hailie with me so she could get her workout done - and workout with my new friend -

I was up until 4ish this morning working with Jane on designing our mini fliers for the Printer's Row book festival in Chicago in a couple of weeks. So I was working it and reworking it and converting to a PDF file (did you know you could convert files online for free to PDF - - really cool thing) - the site we used to print up 1000 brochures (index card size is what we ended up going with - which is 4.25 x 5.5 size - - would only take PDF files, JPG files and a couple of other things - so we are getting double sided mini fliers with all of Jane's info on one side and all my info on the other side. We worked it and reworked it and finally I told Jane I needed to go to bed. so shortly after 4 a.m. - we said our final goodnights and headed to bed.

This morning I had set the alarm for about 9ish to get up but had gotten up to go to the bathroom before the alarm went off and just as I was going to crawl back in bed and try to catch a few more ZZZZs this morning the phone rang. Now I was thinking it was one of the kids' friends calling to see if they could come over to play, so wasn't a happy camper. I checked the caller ID and it said Mark R****** - so I didn't know who it was. I decided to answer and it was my new friend from Curves, Beth. (I had given her a business card when we left out of Curves yesterday). She informed me that we couldn't go to curves at 10ish like we had planned because their vehicle was in the shop and she wouldn't have a ride until later in the day - so no problem - we agreed to meet about 1 to do our curves thing. Well then we were chatting on the phone and it got to be 11ish and 11:15 and so on - we finally hung up the phone after 2 hours and I sat down at my computer to check emails and at least put a dent in my work - I had just opened a couple of emails and lo and behold my mind said 1 o'clock wasn't going to work due to the fact that our curves closes from 1-3 for lunch. So I called her back to let her know and we had two options - go at that time or wait until they opened up after lunch - so Hailie says she doesn't want to go later - she wanted to go now so she could get something for her leg (she scratched it up and got run over by a runaway 3-wheeler vehicle) - so Beth said that was fine - we found out that we live like 1/2 mile from each other and she's on my way into town - so I told her I could swing by there and get her -

After we did our Curves thing, we went to Fred's (spent too much there and now have to go back); went over to Family Dollar and she went to CVS (which is right next to Family Dollar) and then I realized while we were in Family Dollar I needed to go back to Fred's to get printer ink refill kit for my printer so back to Fred's. Then we needed to take Beth home and I needed to scoot over to the next town to get to the DMV (stupid me - got my registration and decal and misplaced the decal) - so I showed Beth where we lived and then dropped her off.

We chatted in the car like we had known each other a while. She's been in Honea Path 10 years and I've been here 9 years - coincidence? fate? karma? - something is working that got us together - so I've made a new friend (you have to realize I haven't had too many friends in this town especially working at home, I'm such a social isolate but not totally my fault - it's different living out in the country than it is in town or closer to town or in an area that actually has more than a handful of "neighbors" to get in with socially) -- Beth is an artist and who knows I may have to engage her services to do my cover art for my stories (if Karen approves it) - we shall see though - okay now I need to work and get some lines to make up for not being here all morning and haf the afternoon - see you all in the postings - E :)


Writing Angel said...

Don't you just love making new friends out of the blue! I made two really good friends from people I worked with and a new woman has started who I had great fun chatting to on Friday. Sometimes you just click with people. :)

Serena Joy said...

It's always so great to make a new friend. It definitely sounds like you two have a lot in common and will be good friends.

Rain-drop said...

Making new friends is nice. I think it's really funny that her name is also Elysabeth, albeit with a different spelling, and that she's lived there 10 years and you've lived there 9 (or was it the other way around). Big coincidence, or karma, or something. It's also really neat that she is an artist and you're a writer! You could have her do covers, like you said.

How cool to bump into someone like that. And that's good that your daughter works out, too. I'm sorry to hear about her leg! It sounds like it hurts. I'm glad you guys going to Curves worked out; considering how many times you guys had to cancel that day, I thought it wasn't going to work, but I"m glad it did.