Sunday, December 10, 2006

Second week of December already

Before you know it, Christmas Day will be upon us and then a new year. I am hoping to finish my NaNo story this week but may not. Since work has been low and all, I'm hoping to get quite a few words in the next day or so to really bump up my count and have the story completed by Friday (that is the goal) but then again, work could pick up and we will be swamped and not have a break - lol

When the story is completed, I am exchanging with another Nanoer to do some commenting/editing/thoughts on so I can revise. I'm possibly thinking of going with PublishAmerica for publishing this one but will just have to see.

On another writing note, Echelon Press is doing a Fast & Feastive contest and that is due by Saturday. I'm thinking of entering that one if I can come up with something. Also, the South Carolina Fiction Project is due the middle of January and I'm going to try again on that one -

If I don't get any postings before Christmas - blessed be all of you and hope you have a joyous and merry Christmas; happy channuka, kwanza or whatever you celebrate during this holiday season. If nothing by the new year, hope you have a chance to spend it with loved ones and that your resolutions are keepable, no shooting for the moon, just something attainable. May have to post some New Year's Writing Resolutions right after the new year - I hope whatever you do, that you are safe and prosperous in the new year. See you all in the postings - E :)


Anonymous said...

As a fellow mystery writer with an agent (but no publishing contract yet), I urge you to research PublishAmerica THOROUGHLY before making a decision. They have an awful reputation in the industry and are not considered a legitimate publisher.

Please go to the Bewares & Backgrounds section of this site to read about PA and why they're not recommended:

Or Google "Absolute Write Publish America."

Writing and publishing is a long, hard road. Please don't sell yourself short.

elysabeth said...

lol - it's okay - I may never publish - I've a friend who has published with PublishAmerica and he's had no problems and I believe things have changed with them since all the hype they had a few years ago about being such a terrible fiasco - I think their editing and other things have come up for the better. As with anything, it is all subjective - one may have the best turnout and the next may have the worst experience - I will take your warnings - but then again, I may never publish this book - I may not ever publish anything again - other than hopefully winning some contests along the way - thanks for the advice - E :)