Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas favorite movies

Okay, now my all time favorite movie is "The Sound of Music". The reason this one holds up for me is that it is the first movie I ever saw in a theater and I saw it with my mother and grandmother. It was awesome to be only about 7 or so and see this movie in a theater. I had never been and to be sitting with my mom and grandmother was unbelievable. My grandmother loved the theater, whether it be a movie theater or an opera house or live performance theater - she loved to go.

I can remember seeing an interview with the real Maria Von Trapp several years after first seeing the movie and it was pretty cool to go - wow - what trials and tribulations she went through. She worked very closely with Julie Andrews to perform the part and get everything correct, lol. But I have to say, Julie Andrews is pretty awesome in and of her own right.

So no matter what, I try every year to catch The Sound of Music on TV when it runs in December (although this year I have a feeling I have already missed it and so may end up watching it at my parents this weekend sometime - if they have the DVD or if it is playing - I need to check the listings soon).

If you've not seen the movie in a while, watch it - you will get some true family values from it; you will get some laughs and some tears but you will definitely walk away from it feeling good about yourself.

So ends my journey on the virtual advent calendar - sharing memories, favorites, food and such - see you all in the postings - E :)


Reel Fanatic said...

The Sound of Music is indeed a veritable classic .. two much sillier movies that I simply have to watch every Christmas season are A Christmas Story and that Muppet Christmas Carol

elysabeth said...

Indeed - Muppet Christmas Carol is good and I also enjoy the real movie A Christmas Carol - the really old one - very cool - thanks for bringing that to my attention - E :)

Rain-drop said...

I LOVE the Sound of Music! It makes one feel good inside to watch it. The singing is great, and the acting, too. All the kids are so cute, and Julie Andrews is fabulous of course. The guy who plays Mr Von Trapp, his character is so particular, and I like the accent. He's an interesting one.

That is neat that you got to see it in the theater! Wow. What a great film to see in theater. It's SO long though! They must have had to have many intermissions.

You should buy it, since you love the movie so. My family has it on video and we watch it sometimes. It's a great family film.

p.s. word verification - "Smenita," again! Same as I got when commenting on the post above this one!