Monday, September 04, 2006


Here it is labor day and I'm slaving away at work (there is plenty there) and trying to concentrate on only work to build up my lines but it isn't happening. Again, thinking of a ton of different things I could be doing, but I must persevere with the work, need to build up the funds to hopefully move from this wretched house - the one full of snakes, mice, and other critters that tend to not show face but make up for it in all the noises they make.

I have started a new story and goal is to do 35,000 words by the end of the month and yet I have no direction on the story, had a prompt from the Writer's Digest site that a friend was a good idea and so I went with it. I have an opening scene, some backstory a little bit and nothing else - pizzazz and flat - good combination. Hopefully something will come.

I don't have a home for it yet but maybe that will come along and inspire me to really write the thing - I think doing it this way makes me think differently on the story; having a home first, makes me want to write the story and all kinds of ideas flow; not having the home first, just makes it more like work - oh well - Maybe tonight I'll look for a contest to put it with so i can write, edit, revise, et cetera on a timely schedule -

Well back to work - ya'll have productive days - see you soon - E :)

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