Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Moose in the Shower

It is almost here, finally.  Waiting on proof copies to get here (should be here tomorrow or Thursday) so I can review the print and make sure everything is okay and then approve it so that it will be ready to put out there.

This story was written in 2014 when Anderson County experienced an algae in the water issue and had to flush the whole system, unbeknownst to me while I was away for a book event; so upon returning to Anderson and turning on my shower the next day, it sounded like a moose in my shower.  Thus the story was written.  In 2015, I asked my friend Anita Fricks to do the illustrations and she agreed to do so.  She did the black and white pictures that year but didn't get the coloring done until 2017.  So now, I have a completed story with illustrations and I'm so excited about it.

I have two events scheduled in April so I will have copies on hand to sell at those events.  The book is twofold - the first part is the story with the color illustrations and the second part is the black and white illustrations for the kids to color and find the hidden moose in the pictures (there is at least one hidden moose in all but 2 or 3 of the 14 illustrations; some have more than one and one is a bit tricky as it isn't actually a "moose" but a play on the word (think dessert and in a refrigerator).  I'm really excited to get back to my writing and publishing again. 

This is the full cover (as I haven't figured out how to do just the front cover yet for ebooks yet).

The list price is $15 but for a limited time, I will be selling copies for $13.50. 
I can't wait to hold actual books in my hands.  See you all in the postings - E :) 

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