Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Two Fundraising Campaigns

Hey All,

I started two gofundme fundraising campaigns Sunday morning.  One is more in need of being funded immediately; the second one has roughly a 6 month time period. 

First the immediate one - my youngest son is getting married in February; the soon to be daughter-in-law wants a bridal shower and my daughter, Hailie, and I are planning the bridal shower.  The shower is to be held 5 days before the wedding (wedding date is February 18 with shower date February 13 - I know the Saturday before Valentine's day).  With a little help from my friends and readers out there, we should be able to raise enough to host the bridal shower.  I just found out last week the other Hallie's (my soon to be daughter-in-law) brother is running a gofundme campaign to pay for the wedding.  So please help out.  Click here to help with the bridal shower and click here to help the wedding campaign. 

The other campaign I'm running is to help pay off my prior illustrator as I have gotten in arrears and need to clear her up before moving on to the new illustrator (at a much better cost to me and probably one I'll campaign to fund later as the need arises once this first one is cleared up).  I'm running it through June and hopefully will be able to start around August with the new illustrator so I can get the 50-state mystery series back on track.  If you have a little extra and would like to help fund that, please click here and help.  Any donation will be much appreciated. 

Lots of good things coming up as previously noted.  I formatted the Moose story today in publisher and will probably need to do a little tweaking once I get the illustrations but I'm excited to take on this adventure with Anita Fricks. 

I have one other story I'm in the processing of editing to submit to an anthology.  This story was written in 2014 five days short of our supposed to be 25th anniversary and I had a meltdown and sat and wrote about 4500 words over a 2-hour period.  I felt relief once I wrote the story and hadn't intended to really share it with anyone but a few special people and then I gave it to Anita and she edited it and has given me a second run through now so I have a few changes or tweaks to make to it before considering submitting it for the one anthology.  This story may show up in two anthologies depending on how I feel once I've edited it.  I needed to get this out of my system to move on with my life and I have.  My mental health has improved since writing the story.  Now to just get my physical health and finances back on track I'll be good as gold or right as rain. 

Thank you all for continuing to follow me even though I haven't been a regular poster.  You all are truly angels in my life just for believing in my books.  If you haven't already picked up a copy of The Ties of Time, the second in the Kelly Watson YA Paranormal Mystery series, it is available in all formats except audible, which is the next thing on my list once I have cleared a few other projects out. 

Please pass the word about my fundraising campaigns and thank you all in advance for helping out anyway you can.  See you all in the postings.  Mrs. E :)

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