Thursday, June 02, 2011

Writers on the Move ebook

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Spring 2011: A Compilation of Writing and Marketing Articles

We're so pleased to announce that Writers on the Move has its first FREE ebook on the site. Just look on the right sidebar "Free Gifts" and click away!

This ebook has been in the works for several months as a thank you to our readers and visitors.

The ebook consists of contributions from a number of members for a compilation of writing and marketing articles that will hopefully help you in your writing and marketing endeavors.

In the works is another ebook that will highlight members' fiction writing; one on general nonfiction (an eclectic grouping of children, animal, environmental articles, and more); and another focusing on poetry.

Aside from being informative and/or entertaining, the ebooks are intended to offer an example of teamwork, creating an ebook, writing tips, marketing tips, fiction and nonfiction writing, and poetry.

We hope you find them useful and/or entertaining.

We'd love to know what you think of this first ebook, so if you get a chance please leave a comment.

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