Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mari Taylor - author of Surviving Unemployment series

My guest today is Mari Taylor, author of Surviving Unemployment Devotions to Go and her newest book - Girlfriends on Surviving Unemployment. Please join me in welcoming Mari for a quick interview and more info on her books.

Mari, why two books on the same subject?

The reason my publisher wanted two books was because the first was a devotional. Not everyone is going to connect with that type of book. So Girlfriends On...Surviving Unemployment is a “girlfriends having tea, cookies and a heart-to-heart talk about surviving unemployment” book. There are some stories and advice here that weren't included in the devotional. And I think the voice is very conversational, just as if I was sitting across the table from my reader. I absolutely love the cover she chose for it. It plays right into the feeling of the book. I'm hoping it reaches those the devotional book might have missed and solidifies a relationship with those who read the devotional.

What's next after these two books?

I am currently under contract for a holiday book. The working title is Celebrating Frugally Elegant Holidays. It will release in 2011. The theme of frugal elegance is one that will run through the majority of my books with See Media, Inc. The holiday book will release under the Simple Joy imprint. The first two books were purse-sized so that readers could slip it in their purse and read it “on the go”. The holiday book will be a full size book. I'm really excited about it!

What exactly is frugal elegance?

My definition of frugal elegance is concrete, simple ideas for maintaining or infusing elegance into your lifestyle without having to “beg, borrow and steal” from other areas of your household budget/spending plans. I know, I hate the “b” word and the “sp” combo as well! But lets face it, in today’s economy, they truly are a necessary evil. This type of lifestyle leads to less stress, more joy, less cash outflow and a life that looks and feels rich, classy and elegant. The bonus to this lifestyle is more time and energy to be extravagant with the relationships in your life. After all, it is quality relationships that truly make your life rich anyway, not the stuff!

So will this year's holidays be “frugally elegant” for your family?

They will. My goal is to test everything in the book before it goes to print. Most of it are things that I've done over the years, but some are new ideas. Those are the ones I want to test drive with my very picky family! I don't want to offer any advice that I haven't used myself. I am also hoping to get a friend or two to join me in using the ideas for the fast approaching holidays. I think it will add more dimension and authenticity to the book.

Marietta (Mari) Taylor resides in Raleigh, NC with her husband of seventeen years and her two teenage daughters. The move from Chicago, IL to Raleigh proved a breeding ground for dusting off her dream of writing. Mari is the author of Surviving Unemployment Devotions to Go, released March 2010 and Girlfriends On…Surviving Unemployment, also scheduled to be released in 2010. Mari was also published in Penned From The Heart VOL XV, a devotional anthology. Her column, Frugal Elegance, appears in Girlfriend 2 Girlfriend, an online magazine published by Extreme Diva Media.

Mari strives to show women how to manage the critical aspects of their lives elegantly, frugally and cohesively. Now if she could just get her two high maintenance daughters and one high maintenance husband on board. That ultimately will be the true test of her skill!

Mari has a bachelor’s degree in Biology and currently works in Healthcare IT. She loves forensics and Cafe World on Facebook. She’s a work in progress and ever evolving. The most important thing to her is that through her writing, others would come to know, accept and adore the God who has created such a crazy jumble of things that make her who she is.

To find out more about Mari, check out her sites:
Mari's blog Her personal blog is a hodge podge of book reviews, inspirationsl posts, family and personal news nad whatever else I might think of on a given day

website Her website explains more about my life philospohy of "frugal elegance". You can also find book release information and links to follow me on Facebook and Twitter

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Nancy Famolari said...

Very pertinent topic! Unemployment is a big problem today. Very interesting interview, Elysabeth.

Janet Ann Collins said...

These books are certainly needed by lots of people today. I hope they sell well.

madcapmaggie said...

Too bad these books weren't available the last time I was unemployed. They sound great, but I really, really hope that I don't need them any time soon.

Margaret Fieland

Mari said...

Hi! Elysabeth, thanks for hosting me today and getting the word out about the new book!

elysabeth said...

Thanks, ladies. Margaret, let's hope you won't need them either. I agree, Janet - everyone needs some inspiration in these trying times. Let's hope we see a turn around soon.

Mari, I hope you do well on your book tours - E :)

DarcĂ­a Helle said...

Great interview, Mari & Elysabeth!
Mari, I love the concept for your frugal Christmas book. That holiday has gotten out of control for too many people. Most of us could use a little direction in getting back to the basics!

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

Wow! What a coup. Imagine publishing that title at this moment in our US economic climate. You go!!
Carolyn Howard-Johnson
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Mari said...

Margaret, I hope you never need them either! Unemployment is such a sad and stressful time.

Mari said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for stopping by. I really am hoping many people are helped by my books.

Mari said...

Janet, thank you for the well wishes. May your words become reality!

Mari said...

I agree. That's why I was willing to write it. I really think the focus has gone way too much toward spend, spend and spend more.

Mari said...

Thanks Carolyn! The timing has been perfect. I'm not happy about the rate of unemployment, but if I can help, that will make me happy.

Magdalena Ball said...

Elegantly, frugally and cohesively - now there are three words that appeal to me! Your book sounds very worthwhile.

Martha said...

These books are so valuable, especially with the way things are right now. I love the term Frugal elegance.
Martha Swirzinski

Karen Cioffi said...

Mari, your books look very helpful - I'm sure many in today's economy will find them a valuable tool.

I wish you much success with them.

Virginia S Grenier said...

Mari, it is always a pleasure learning more about you and your books.

Dallas said...

I LOVE your definition of "frugal elegance." Thanks for this great post!

kathy stemke said...

I love the idea of frugal elegance! I actually live my life that way. Most of my furnishings are garage sale or thrift store , but you'd NEVER know it. I've actually found listed artists oil paintings and fine antique silver for pennies. I sold a doll I found for $1200.00 to use as a down payment on a car.

I'm looking forward to your book. I bet you have many things I need to know.

Stephen Tremp said...

Frugal elegance is a terrific term. I like it. I'm currently unemployed but my wife works. This allows me more time to write, but control of the $$$ is now wifey's. I'll find something soon. Untile them, thanks for the frugal tips.

Stephen Tremp

Out_of_FOCUS said...

Thank God for books like these!!