Monday, May 03, 2010

Meet Author Dana Donovan

Dana will be my guest author on May 6. Check out how he's turned "free promotion" into a profit. Here is a bit about Dana and his books:

Dana Donovan grew up in New England where folklore and superstitions can mold a town’s history as much as its people. Here, in the fictitious town on New Castle, Dana exploits that phenomenon, perpetuating the enigma of small town life and the belief in all that dies is not dead.

Books by this author include: Abandoned, A Talisman’s tale, Resurrection, Skinny, Death & Other Little Inconveniences, The Witch’s Ladder, Eye of the Witch, The Witch’s Key, Bones of a Witch, and soon to be released Witch House. For more about the author, stop by his website.


Rain-drop said...

Hey, Elysabeth!!

How are you? How goes JGDS??

send me an email some time, fill me in on everything. I'm sorry I'm not available to chat lately. Thinking of you still, though!


Carol said...

HI Elysabeth from not-so-sunny spain! rained for 2 days....
thanks for commenting on my blogs, you´re a faithful reader.
How was your event last weekend? Hope it went well. Carol