Thursday, March 04, 2010

Genealogy - can you trace back?

If you click the title of this posting, you will see the Eldering webpage created by a relative of my husband's. My father-in-law has been doing a lot of research on the Eldering family tree. This relative, Hink, put a webpage together. He did get some information from my father-in-law. Funny thing is that since the Elderings are from Holland basically, the webpage is in Dutch - lol. Now if you can read the language, you might know how to navigate around the page. If you look at the genealogy page go down to the Boisvert (my maiden name) and find the Eldering name and then find William W., you will see my little family listed in there. According to the top of the page - something like 2397 names and 800 something family groups - astonishing numbers.

And the coolest part is that in Hink's research, he found a town in Germany called Eldering. Took some pictures of the town too. I think that's pretty cool. Thanks to Paul Eldering for all the hard work on finding his family tree. E :)

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Carol said...

Can't speak a word of Dutch, but that's very cool about your family. Have missed hearing from you lately. Figured you must be busy with school and kids and writing.