Monday, February 01, 2010

Breakthrough author Stephen Tremp coming soon

My guest this month will be Stephen Tremp, author of the novel Breakthrough. Stop by on Monday, February 8th, and check out the interview with Stephen.

To tempt you:

Chase Manhattan, part of a new breed of modern-day discovery seekers, seeks to leave behind his life of danger and adventure and settle down as an associate professor of physics at University of California-Irvine and build a lasting relationship with a beautiful girl he has not seen since high school. Meanwhile, a group of graduate students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have stolen a breakthrough in opening Einstein-Rosen Bridges, or wormholes, as they are commonly known, from renowned M.I.T. professor of physics Nicholas Fischer. Their goal is to assassinate any powerful politician and executive controlling the world’s banking system who would use this technology for their own greedy gain.

Within days, Chase uncovers the diabolical scheme and finds himself the one person who can prevent more murders and prove the innocence of Professor Fischer who is framed for the killings. As the death toll mounts, Chase and his friends must battle this group of ambitious graduate students on both coasts in a desperate race to control or destroy this breakthrough that threatens to drastically change life as we know it. However, once the M.I.T. group realizes Chase and his friends have the ability to thwart more killings, he soon finds himself in their crosshairs, the latest target on their list of assassinations.

For more information, visit Stephen's blog.


arlee bird said...

I'm looking forward to next Monday. Stephen Tremp seems like a great guy and I always enjoy reading his blog.

elysabeth said...

Cool. I've already scheduled the interview to go up at 8 am next Monday. Thanks for stopping by. You must have been right there on the blog or something because I just posted this not too long before your comment came in. Thanks for stopping by - E :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Elysabeth for the advanced promotion. I'm thinking big thoughts and will promote on my end. Have a great week.

Stephen Tremp