Sunday, December 28, 2008

Virtual Book Tours new shcedule - week beginning January 2

Virtual Book Tours Rotation for week beginning January 2. Follow some of your favorite authors aound the blog and see what some new authors may have to offer.

Deborah Ramos hosting Cheryl Pillsbury
Dr. John F. Murray hosting Yolanda Jackson
Dianne Sagan hosting Elysabeth Eldering (my JGDS series - I'll need to post some new info in the folder to be posted)
Harry Gilleland hosting Joyce Anthony
Lanaia Lee hosting Rosanna Ienco
Joy Delgado hosting Deborah Ramos
Lillian Cauldwell hosting Dr. John F. Murray
Karen Cioffi hosting Dianne Sagan
Kathy Stemke hosting Harry Gilleland
Linda Ballou hosting Lanaia Lee
Lea Schizas hosting Joy Delgado
Patricia Crandall hosting Lillian Cauldwell
Nancy Famolari hosting Karen Cioffi
Rosemary Chaulk hosting Kathy Stemke
Sharon Poppen hosting Linda Ballou
Suzanne Lieurance hosting Lea Schizas
Vivian Zabel hosting Patricia Crandall
Boyd Hipp hosting Nancy Famolari
Dehanna Bailee hosting Rosemary Chaulk
Margaret Fieland hosting Sharon Poppen
Ransom Noble hosting Suzanne Lieurance
Luigi Falconi hosting Vivian Zabel
Dwight Rounds hosting Boyd Hipp
Anna Maria Prezio hosting Dehanna Bailee
Crystalee Calderwood hosting Margaret Fieland
Rosanna Ienco hosting Ransom Noble
Elysabeth Eldering hosting Luigi Falconi
Joyce Anthony hosting Dwight Rounds
Cheryl Pillsbury hosting Anna Maria Prezio
Yolanda Jackson hosting Crystalee Calderwood

We have some new folks who have joined this group, so hopefully my readers and all the other blog readers will follow the tours as everyone is a guest and is hosting someone else for the week. This tour will run from January 2 through January 9.

Right behind that I'll be on my own blog tour (well the JGDS will be) starting with the Book Roast blog. Schedule will be posted on the JGDS blog on January 5th. See you all in the postings - E :)

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