Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tagged, yet again!!

Wow, Tagging is becoming a way of blogging now - lol - I've been tagged on two Multiply sites (Rena's site and Crystalee's site) as well as Holly's blog. On Rena's site, I was asked to answer 20 questions, so if you want to be tagged to do that one, you can go here and play that one; and on Holly's and Crystalee's, I was asked to do 6 random things about myself, so you can take whichever tag you want. I don't have people to tag so figure if you read my blogs or anything, consider yourself tagged - lol; how's that.

The rules:

1) Link to the person who tagged you: Holly Jahangiri, Do I Have to Spell it Out?

2) Post the rules on the blog: Here you go.

3) Write six random things about yourself:

Okay, here goes:

- I'm highly allergic to aspirin - if I get even the tiniest amount of aspirin in my system, I go into anaphylaxis.
- I'm working towards a van and house (sometime in the far future it seems)
- I was shy when I was a youngun (true - it would take me a long time to make friends or speak to people). I didn't overcome this shyness until I was in college (but now, only shy for short periods of time, unless there is an immediate click when I meet someone)
- I have never had a broken bone but have had probably close to 150 stitches at some point or another (I have had three cesarean sections and had a hernia repair, knee surgery and busted my face twice with stitches right below my lower lip (a tiny X marks the spot) and stitches above my eye)
- Five and six are just not coming to me so I guess if you want more random things about me - you need to read my posting from 2007 and read some more random things (although in looking back, one of the things about me is the same - the aspirin allergy)
- (*five - just thought of this) - the first movie I ever saw in a theater was "Sound of Music" and it was during a very rare mother/daughter outing - which included my grandmother. I was big stuff back then - going to an actual theater with my grandmother and mother.

4) Tag six people at the end of your post: Tagged at end and beginning - whoever is reading my blog is tagged.

5) Let each person know they have been tagged: Not sure who all reads so can't leave them a message.

6) Let the tagger know when your entry is up: Okay, Holly, Crystalee and Rena - my tags are up -

"Tag, You're It!"

I'm tagging the six people who may be reading my blog right now - lol unless you have already been tagged and have posted your six random items.

I will also cross post this on my Multiply site - so consider everyone tagged who feels like responding - E :)


Holly said...

That wasn't so painful, was it?

I'll be honest, I don't normally respond to being tagged. It's not mandatory; trust me, the world will not implode if you don't have time to play. But it can be a great springboard for ideas if you're stuck for a blog entry. It's fun for readers, too (well, sometimes) - I enjoyed getting to know these little random, trivial bits about you. (Okay, not so trivial - I've never known anyone that allergic to aspirin before! My aunt was allergic to peanuts, though, and died of anaphylactic shock from a shockingly small amount.) Lucky for you, aspirin's a bit easier to avoid.

elysabeth said...

True about avoiding aspirin and controlling that allergy easily. But I also have peanut allergies (according to my skin testing done about 12 or so years agos - maybe 13 or 14 now) - and have put myself into a severe asthma attack from overdoing the peanut butter. Food allergies are the hardest to control because one day you are fine and the next it could trigger a serious attack or even death. - E :)

Kelly said...

Great to learn more about a fellow blueboarder!
(I'm a 3 time c-sectioner myself, but luckily that is pretty much the extent of my stitches..)