Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Janet Jensen - Informal Blog Book Tour

I've been asked to review a book by the above author, but having not read the book nor being a reader of Christian or religious fiction, I said I would gladly post previous reviews. I thought about it a while and decided to just send you to her blogs and website to check out the reviews for yourself and decide if you would be interested in reading her book. Very possible someone out in reader land may enjoy the book and be able to do a nice review for Janet, either on your own blog or on hers.

Here is the information on the book:

Don't You Marry the Mormon Boys (Bonneville Books, Cedar Fort, Inc)

First Runner-Up, Best New Writing: The Eric Hoffer Award
Finalist, USA Best Books 2007 (religious fiction)
Finalist, Foreword Magazine's Book of the Year (religious fiction)
Semi-Finalist, Reader Views Critics Awards(religion/spirituality)
Whitney Award Nominee for LDS authors
Honorable Mention, Marilyn Brown Unpublished Novel Award

The Book Lover's Cookbook: Recipes Inspired by Celebrated Works of Literature and the Passages that Feature Them (Wenger & Jensen, Ballantine, 2003)


http://www.janetkayjensen.blogspot.com - this is a generalized blog but also has information on her books

http://www.janetkayjensen2.blogspot.com - this is actually where the reviews can be found.

If you are inclined to do a review for Janet, please let her know you found out about her books here. Thanks - see you all in the postings - E :)

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