Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hailie's new toy

As you can see from the slide show just added, Hailie got a new digital camera and she's been playing with it. It was an early birthday present she talked her father into getting for her. Guess if she can't have a cell phone like all her friends, she can have the camera - cheaper really - lol - takes pretty good pictures for a not really expensive camera (only $85 at Wal-Mart).

Band camp started this week so both are going strong with that and she's been taking pics at school of some of her friends too - will post those when I get copies of them -

Work is going better - got switched back to my old account and am a happy camper - enjoy the slide show - E :)


DMH said...


The slide shows are fantastic! Makes me feel like I'm active without ever having to leave my computer chair!

elysabeth said...


I thought the slide show was pretty cool - I discovered them on my first setup on myspace - you just put in the pics you want and play around with them - captioning, arranging to which ones come in what order, and the backgrounds and have fun - I had done one with my book covers and some other pics - but the covers had to be removed when my stories were taken off the publisher's site and considered no longer available - but they are fun - anyone can do them - have a try - E :)