Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Not quite the end of the month - but what the heck - might as well post something

I was just sitting here reading some other friends' blogs and decided to update you all on where I am with my writing and other things in my life.

Let's see - this month I've only worked on one contest entry and sort of working on a nonfiction entry. I have submitted my April Fools story to www.armchairinterviews.com for the upcoming contest. I thought my story was pretty good with the revisions and all but apparently the writing group (http://bellsouthpwp.net/g/c/gcscww/) wasn't too fond of the story. I write short, fun things that tend to be simple. The group didn't like the repetition in the story but being an April Fools day theme, how can you not have repetition -- but enough said - the story has been revised, ending changed and submitted for the contest. The winners will be informed around April 15th - a chance to win 4 books (first place) or 1 book (first runner up and second runner up) and be published on their website until the next contest --- I have fun and that's what counts

My nonfiction piece is for Creative Nonfiction - the magazine - http://www.creativenonfiction.org/thejournal/whatisnew.htm - it has to do with the medical field and that is my field of expertise being a medical transcriptionist.

The middle of the month had me flying to Jersey for a new job, training in the office and then having my computer transported back home to start working. The job is basically similar to what I was doing before but it uses a different platform and getting used to the New York accents is the tough part. That was a plane trip from hell really - and I won't do that again - I'll drive it or fly big airplanes if I have to go up that way again. I was on an express jet which was probably no bigger than a volkswagen bug and a half on the inside - tight seating and only 50 people on the plane. - not for me ever again.

As soon as my nonfiction is finished and submitted, I'll be starting on my children's stories/series - so be on the lookout for that - and my revisions on my mini-mystery - So for now, it looks as if things are looking up for me and that I'm moving right along - see you all next month - E :)

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