Saturday, July 02, 2011

Afghan giveaway update

I'm on the last red strip (maybe). I got 6 blue strips, 5 white and am on the 5th of the red (am hoping that I can get 6 out of the red, but probably won't be able to get that 6th strip). The afgan will be 15 strips across (I've kind of laid it out and it is about the width of my computer twice over - I think I have a 15 inch laptop, so total should be about 30 inches across and 45 inches long- this should make a nice lap throw - I may have to get some more yarn and make it a bit bigger, will decide after finishing the strip of red). Pictures of the finished project will be posted once the strips are sewn together.

(this is what the strips will look like put together (strips are folded in half twice so they aren't dragging the floor) - with only 15 strips (5 of each color) the pattern will be two red, two white, two blue, one red, one white, one blue and then the 2-2-2. This was laid out on my computer and almost goes across the width of the computer, so I hope that 15 rows will be enough)

This afghan will be the prize in the drawing from all purchases made between May and my last event of the year (Savannah Children's Book Festival in November). Drawing will be done from all receipts on or about December 1, 2011, and afgan will be sent out on or about the 7th of December.

Good luck to everyone who is entered in the drawing and I appreciate your business. - Ma America, The Travelin' Maven (Mrs. E :)) & the JGDS


Anonymous said...

Hi Elysabeth! It looks like it will be a beautiful afghan.

Good luck to everyone who is entered into the drawing for this!

Happy 4th of July!

elysabeth said...

Thanks, Susanne. I did get 6 of each color, so I'm a bit relieved now (makes it even putting it together). The putting together is hardest part but it's coming along. I have two red together and two white together with the set of those four strips put together (if that makes any sense - lol). I'll post a final picture when the whole thing is together - hope you have a great 4th - E :)

Carol Baldwin said...

what a fun idea! looks beautiful.