Saturday, June 03, 2017

New Series for boys coming

I decided in March that I needed to write a new series geared for boys due to the fact that my YA mysteries are girl characters and the boys aren't reading them.  I've been steady researching for the series since I had the first title, which came about from one of our Sisters in Crimes meeting here in Columbia, SC. 

The series will be an adventure series with boy characters (maybe a girl or two but the main characters will be boys).  I'm calling it a South Carolina Directional Adventure Series because the titles all are compass points (directions) and also contain small town names that all start with the compass direction (N, S, E, W).

The first title West of _________ came about from our March meeting of Sisters in Crime.  Our guest speaker was talking with one of the members and telling her where he was from and trying to give her some sort of landmark or area that she would recognize.  He was from Lugoff, which if you are from the Richland County, Kershaw County or any other county that is relatively close to that area you would know where Lugoff is.  The member wasn't really familiar with the area so he gave her a landmark, well it is West of Wateree, which isn't really a town but more a state park/water area.  After a few minutes of conversation, our past president, Paula Benson, spoke up saying that West of Wateree would make a good title (directing it to all of us, not just the writers of adult mysteries).  So for the whole week I had been thinking of how I could use West of Wateree as a title for a children's book or possibly a mystery for boys.  When I went to Anderson on March 25 to have Anita Fricks sign copies of A Moose in the Shower I told her that I needed to write an adventure series for boys.  She didn't say much to that other than, yes you do.  I visited with her and family and came back to Columbia Saturday evening/night.  Sunday night when I was supposed to be sleeping I was very restless so started brainstorming about titles for the new series.  I decided it would be cool to do a compass directional type series since I already had West as one title. 

The next one that popped into my head immediately was North.  North of North came to mind due to the fact that if you locate North, SC, on the map you will see that it is actually south of some small towns as well as Columbia (Swansea and Gaston are actually a bit west and south of Columbia but they are north of North, SC). 

Now that I had two titles, I had to find South and East.  From days as a medical transcriptionist and having many unusual town names dictated and not knowing the states or areas that well, I had a website that I used quite often to look up town name spellings.  I got on the internet on my phone (if we had wifi in the shelter, I would be on my computer all the time when I wasn't working) and pulled up the website I was in need of and went to South Carolina and then clicked on the E listings.  The first town that caught my eye was Eagle Point, but then I found a better one.  So, East of Effingham was the next title I came up with.  Effingham is the home of McCall Farms where they employ over 800 people in the plant.  They are known for canned foods like the Glory foods and boiled peanuts and tons of other products everyone is familiar with. 

Now for south.  I had to have a cool name that would attract boys' attention.  I wrote down Snow Junction first and then scrolled a little more and found the coolest name of a town yet.  I have since found out that this town really doesn't have much in the way of being a populated town at all.  I've been told there is only a park located at the place that is named as a town.  I've also been told that James Brown (the "I Feel Good" singer) was born near this town.  Less than 20 miles from this town is the Savannah River Site.  The town's name, you ask? Spiderweb.  My south book will be titled South of Spiderweb with the adventure having to do with the Savannah River Site or the "future city" competition that is held each year for middle grade students. 

North is a railroad town and so I'm thinking the adventure will have to occur in Swansea or Gaston which are both north of North and possibly be railroad related.  Effingham being a farm town will probably be something 4H related or some sort of farm type competition with the students working on something to help the environment.  Wateree will be a junior park ranger or something on those lines adventure. 

The characters names will be alliterative to the titles so for South of Spiderweb I have Sean Southers; for North of North the name will be Nolan Norris (Norris means north); East of Effingham will feature Ethan Easton; and West of Wateree a simple name Wade West (sounds like a play on words having to do with water).

I have signed up for Camp NaNo which starts July 1; the goal is 20,000 words for me (5000 words per story, but may have to make them a bit longer.  These will be illustrated stories so I hope to end up between 100 and 150 written pages with illustrations interspersed throughout the stories.  Chasity Nicole is already sort of brainstorming the covers for me so once I actually have a cover or two I can share with you.

More postings as I progress.  See you all in the postings.  Mrs. E :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Moose in the Shower

It is almost here, finally.  Waiting on proof copies to get here (should be here tomorrow or Thursday) so I can review the print and make sure everything is okay and then approve it so that it will be ready to put out there.

This story was written in 2014 when Anderson County experienced an algae in the water issue and had to flush the whole system, unbeknownst to me while I was away for a book event; so upon returning to Anderson and turning on my shower the next day, it sounded like a moose in my shower.  Thus the story was written.  In 2015, I asked my friend Anita Fricks to do the illustrations and she agreed to do so.  She did the black and white pictures that year but didn't get the coloring done until 2017.  So now, I have a completed story with illustrations and I'm so excited about it.

I have two events scheduled in April so I will have copies on hand to sell at those events.  The book is twofold - the first part is the story with the color illustrations and the second part is the black and white illustrations for the kids to color and find the hidden moose in the pictures (there is at least one hidden moose in all but 2 or 3 of the 14 illustrations; some have more than one and one is a bit tricky as it isn't actually a "moose" but a play on the word (think dessert and in a refrigerator).  I'm really excited to get back to my writing and publishing again. 

This is the full cover (as I haven't figured out how to do just the front cover yet for ebooks yet).

The list price is $15 but for a limited time, I will be selling copies for $13.50. 
I can't wait to hold actual books in my hands.  See you all in the postings - E :) 

Friday, February 24, 2017

A Year of Losses

It's been a year since I lost my first job as a medical transcriptionist.  Shortly after that I was evicted due to not being able to pay the rent due to not having a job.  I stayed with a friend for a few months but because her ex-husband was being a total butthead, I lost that place to live.  During the time I stayed with her I lost my mother (she had dementia but the pneumonia and her giving up the will to live is what she succumbed to).  After leaving my friend's, I was in a homeless shelter and did get a new job (after almost 8 months of not working) as a CNA (went to school during the summer and was certified the day before my mother passed).  While staying at the homeless shelter, there was a bed bug issue (they had already had an issue prior to me coming there but because one of my clients was found to have bed bugs, I was accused of bringing the bed bugs into the facility), I lost my father and on my way back from his funeral I was notified I no longer had a place to live due to the bed bug issue and me being the common denominator.  In turn because I had no place to live, I lost my job.

I stayed at the church for a week and a half so that I could attend the last two scheduled events of the year (Pendleton Holiday Market on the Green the two Saturdays before Christmas).  The Sunday after the last event, which was the week before Christmas, I came to Columbia to stay with my aunt (my mom's twin sister) until I could find a place to live or make other living arrangements.  She and I had a little fight and I ended up living in my van for a short period of time.  As of the writing of this post, I have gotten a job (employed the first part of January) and have been living in a homeless shelter since the middle of January.  Not that I want to be in a shelter but I'm thankful for a bed and a place to take a shower and do my laundry. 

The year wasn't a total loss as I did gain a daughter (my baby got married) and a beautiful granddaughter.  My mother never did get to see her before she passed but I don't think she would have known that was her great granddaughter if she had seen her.  My father got to see the baby at my mother's funeral so I'm thankful he did get that opportunity. 

I was a daddy's girl and at this writing do miss him.  I've thought of calling him several times only to realize he isn't there any more.  The year 2016 was a rough year but this year will be better and is already proving to be so in a few ways.

Catch you all in the next posting - E :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

We've All Been There: Tales of Tenacity Released

In 2014, I had a mental breakdown about the time that would have been my twenty-fifth anniversary.  I realized I had given half my life at the time to the same man and became overwhelmed with this thought.  I wrote a story about how I managed to make it through that many years married to a manic-depressive.  At first I only thought I wrote the story for myself but then I shared it with a few friends who believed the story would touch many lives who had been in a similar situation.  I had submitted it to one anthology but didn't make it in that one so submitted to another anthology and it was accepted.  Today, the release of We've All Been There: Tales of Tenacity has come to fruition. 

All the proceeds from the sales of this book are going to Project Semicolon which is a group that encourages those with mental illnesses to reach out and get help, no matter what form it comes in but not to feel like you are in this alone.  The stories in the book are by no means exclusive of situations that we have faced but are out there to also encourage others to know that they are not alone and they can make it through anything life has thrown their way.

If you would like to order a print copy from me, it will be a couple of weeks before I have copies to sell and I will sign my story for you.  Please feel free and email me at and reserve your copy.  If you would like to order directly from Amazon, please go here for the print book and here for the ebook.  Remember you are supporting a good cause as all the proceeds will go to Project Semicolon.  Thanks for all your support, not only for me but those who need some inspiration and encouragement out there.  E :)

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